All prices do not include part costs. All parts are additional to the costs provided below.

Push Mower$85.00
Tractors (running)$175.00
Commercial Walk Behind$175.00
Commercial Zero Turn Rider$185.00
String Trimmers$54.99
Power Blowers$54.99
Snow Throwers (Single Stage)$85.99
Snow Throwers (2-Stage)$119.99
Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades /
Chain Saw Chains
Blades (Off Mower)$7.00
Blades (On Mower)$18.00
Blades (Mulch)$10.00
Hedge Trimmer$1.50/inch
Chain Saw Chains (Off)$10.00
Chain Saw Chains (On)$20.00
Common Flat Rate Repairs
Carburetor Rebuild (Off).6 Hrs ($40.00)
Carburetor Rebuild (On).9 Hrs ($61.00)
Carburetor Rebuild (On).5 Hrs ($34.00)
Recoil Rebuilds (Off).4 Hrs ($27.00)
Recoil Rebuilds (On).66 Hrs ($45.00)
Cable Repairs.66 Hrs ($45.00)
Tire Repair.25 Hrs ($17.00)
Oil Change$15.00
Oil Change$20.00
Tractors, Riders, Comm. EQ.
Lower Seal.5 Hrs ($33.00)
Shop Labor Rates$55.00/hour
Typically for jobs to big to be done in our mobile service trailer.

Mowco Mobile
10 Point Inspection Tune-Up Service

  1. Change engine oil
  2. Check or replace oil filter
  3. Change spark plug
  4. Clean or replace air filter
  5. Sharpen and balance blade or replace if needed
  6. Clean out grass build-up from cutter housing
  7. Drain fuel system and clean float bowl
  8. Check and lubricate where needed
  9. Check recoil rope condition, replace if needed
  10. Final operation/safety check

$85.00 plus tax
Price based on push mower.
See Our Rates page for complete list of prices.